Tens Frame Printable

As a parent of two kids that learn rather differently there a couple of things I have learnt when it comes to introducing numbers (or letters).

Here are some of my tips:

- Start with something easy. Matching activities are often great. They are easy and help build confidence. 

- You don'y have to start with 0-10. You could just start with 0-3 or numbers 0-5. Whatever suits their needs.

- If you are setting up an activity, do it at a time that suits the mood they are in. 

- Leave it out if you can so they have the  opportunity to explore it in their own way and at a time that suits them.

- Appeal to their interests. Do they like sensory play, diggers or dinosaurs. Try and include the things they like so it is more interesting. 

- You don't have to set up an activity. Any exposure and conversation around number works. Eg. Books are great, discussing price tickets at the shops, hopscotch.

Above all... Keep It Simple. 

Here is a printable for a tens frame and some activity ideas. 

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