Top Toy Recommendation for 1 Year Olds

Top Toy Recommendation for 1 Year Olds

One is such an exciting age because your Little Explorers are starting to become more active. Once they take those first steps they really become on the move and their motor skills continue to develop. Even language develop starts to become more important. So it is a pretty fun age. 

If you are like me when it comes to toy you want something that can support where they are at developmentally but also toys that will grow with them - that they will have for 2 years or more. 

So here are my TOP toy recommendations:

1. A trike or balance bike. 

Doesn't matter if you go with a cheap or expensive option, they will be well used and well loved. If you do decided to invest in a balance bike make sure that the seat and things can be adjusted to grow with them. Trikes are definately easier for them to start with. Balancing can be a little tricky. 





2. Rainbow Stacking Cups

There are so many reasons why I love these. In general I find Jellystone Designs make really versatile products. These stacking cups are no exception. Here is what I love about them & why I recommend them:

  • Suitable from 10months plus.
  • They are silicone. Can be chewed, & easily cleaned.
  • Great as a bath toy and other sensory bases (as they get older too). My kids are 5 & 7 and we still get alot of use of these.
  • Great for stacking and being knocked over because 1 years olds are very much at that age where they like to knock and throw. Perfect for the above scenario.
  • They also wobble and come with rings that can be used for colour matching activities. 

 3. Interactive Board Books

Books are really something worth investing in. Reading encourages play, develops the brain, enchances visualisation and the imagination, is great for language development and helps create moments of connectedness. Studies have shown that areas of the brain become more active when someone is reading to them.

But do you think toddlers care about all of those benefits. NOPE. They just want to move. What I love about these board books is that they are more engaging and can help keep your littles busy, while reading to them. 


4. Blocks

Large Blocks can be introduced at this age because between 1-2 years they start to experiment with stacking. Usually the knocking down part to start with. Don't expect any wonderful creations at this stage but it is something they will always have and play with for quite some time. Blocks are still found in primary school class rooms for a reason. 

TIP: Get blocks that are GRIPPY.

Often this means they are dyed rather than painted. Painted blocks often have a bit of a coating on them that make them slippery and will be more likely to fall down. This can be really frustrating for little ones when they are trying to building something special but it can also be character building. 

Good quality blocks are an invested but it is one of those situations where buying well to start with will save you money in the long run. 

Magnetic tiles are also something we love and use that are similar to blocks but the age recommendation is 3years older. 


 5. Playsilks

I get asked ALOT, "what do they you play silks for?" 

The truth is like all open ended toys - the ideas are endless. It is all up to your Little Explorers and their imaginations. Most commonly they are used for lots of pretend & imaginary play. Think capes, picnics, blankets, doll carries. But they can also be used for twirling, magic tricks & peek-a-boo. 


6. Rudie Nudie Mat.

This is something you didn't know you needed.

These mats have a waterproof backing so it comes in VERY handy when you are having some nappy free time or toilet training. You can play on this mat and if accidents happen its not worries because you can just chuck these in the wash. Also handy for when your little ones are ready to ditch the night time nap. You can just put it over there bed sheets.  They are great for any indoor sensory or messy play and for PICNICS!

There are so many FUN Designs. This is a referal link. 

7. Honey sticks Original Crayons

As their motor skills develop, drawing is something you might like to do more of. I recommend these crayons as a "first" crayon. They are made out of beeswax and are non-toxics. They are short and stubby which make them sturdy and easier to hold. At this age they are still learning about pressure and control. Your little ones can put lots of pressure on these and not break them. Or apply very little pressure and they still work.  We have had ours for years. 


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