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Every card encourages families to find joy in everyday items, from making a pom-pom catapult with a spoon, to adding food colouring to the bath, we want everyone to see that play doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Using PLAY CARDS™ is as simple as, picking a card, collecting a few household items and getting playful!

During phase 1 of PLAY CARD prep, you can involve your children. Prompting them to choose their play by looking at the illustrations.

Phase 2 of PLAY CARD prep, is also a great time to involve children. Turn this phase into a treasure hunt, a race to play or an adventure!

The magic of these ideas is the play can start as one thing and then imaginations and inspiration take over, making them into something else.

From basket weaving to turning a washing basket into a boat? What a great adventure! PLAY CARDS™ are designed with one thing in mind, fun made simple!
Enjoy the ride, enjoy spending time as a family and most of all HAVE FUN!

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