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Our books help you to discover new ideas for outdoor play, and also find ways to bring nature indoors.

The activities are open-ended, meaning that children can use their imaginations and create dozens of things from one activity prompt. They use natural materials to create pieces of art that children will be proud of. Using nature encourages children to think outside the box and create in new ways each time.

Our activity books show actual creations made by children and do not encourage all crafts to turn out looking the same. Instead the activities can boost creativity, problem solving and persistence. Nature play also improves fine motor skills, physical strength and coordination

The open-endedness of the activities allows you to easily adapt them to suit your location. For example, if you don’t have a pine cone, you can just use what you can find. This also reduces the need for craft purchases, making the activities very inexpensive to implement.

The activities can be adapted to suit your children’s age and interest. Some may require adult assistance for younger Nature Warriors, but there are often alternatives presented for how you can provide a more or less challenging activity.

Our books are suitable for children aged 2-12 years and are a wonderful resource for early years and primary teachers, home schoolers, parents and grandparents seeking more nature play ideas.

All books measure 16cm x 24cm (6” x 9”) and are the perfect backpack size and easy to manage with little hands. They also look great on the shelf!

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