About Us

I am Nicole, owner of Little Explorers Toy Shop and I have two little explorers of my own. Little Explorers Toy Shop started in 2020 and is based in the Whitsundays.

I want you to know that I have been that mum filled with overwhelm, trying to decide on the best toys to get for my child. I have also been frustrated when I spend money on toys only for my kids to grow out of them 3-6months later or for them to just become junk in the cupboard.

Now as a 'seasoned' mum, I want things that make life and playtime easier - toys that are functional and will become part of a toy collection that will grow with my kids.

Life with children can get a little crazy sometimes; which is why our toys are chosen with practicality in mind. Little Explorers does all the heavy lifting with extensive product research so you can be armed with the very best toys and resources to support your little ones curious minds and make it easier for you to join in the fun.

I want you to feel confident that the toys you purchase will grow with your kids and become part of toy collection that will last throughout the years.

Along the way my passion for helping families create a toy collection that actually works for them and their kids has deepened, so to has my love and appreciation for other Australian Businesses. As a result, you will find the majority of our toys are from Australian Businesses. Not only are the people behind these businesses genuinely lovely people but they have created their products from a place of love and to solve a problem.