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Our Story

Our Story: Why We Created Little Explorers...

I’m Nicole, proud owner of Little Explorers Toy Shop and mum of two nature lovers. The idea of Little Explorers Toy Shop began when I realised my kids could play forever outside, with no toys, but when inside, they would pull all of their toys out and just follow me around the house while I cleaned.

I was also working long hours and felt like I was missing out on time with my kids. I was mentally exhausted most days and just wanted to be able to come home, sit down with them and play.

I began my search for toys that were going to be treasured, valued and captivating, regardless of their age. I then stumbled down the rabbit hole of opened ended toys…
I discovered that toys should make you want to sit down and play together. Not always, but at least sometimes. I really wanted to create something that made it easier for parents who felt the same way I did.

So, I created Little Explorers Toy Shop to help create those opportunities for connection and engagement, without having to get super creative or messy. Also, to provide toys that are simple but inspire your Little Explorer's imagination and 'what if' thinking. Toys that make big and small kids want to sit down and play, because that is where the magic happens. 

Play is how we connect with our kids.
If you like your kids toys, as much (or more) than they do, GOOD!

I 100% believe that you are more likely to play with your kids if you like their toys. Also, I have found toys help us wind down at the end of the day too. For me, building with magnetic tiles or play dough, is therapeutic and If everyone likes playing with it, it is such an easy way to bond.

There are also toys out there that really open up opportunities for you to have conversations with your kids about things and require very little effort or preparation. Flash cards for example are great for this.

For us, there is still nothing that quite beats playing outside in nature but at least now inside play, has a bit of magic in it too.


"The best toys a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them." ~ Bruce Perry