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Shoe Charms - Explorer Tribe

Shoe Charms - Explorer Tribe

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It's a little something different for Little Explorers, but we're just following the trends here – crocs are in and our Little Explorers are sporting them like bosses. But we want to take it up a notch and let our little adventurers flaunt their daring spirit!

There's one for the exhausted 'Mum & Dad' Explorers too. 

Set of 5 Includes: Combi Van (approx 2.5cm), Compass (Approx. 3cm), Rainbow (approx. 3cm Width), Paper Plane (Approx 2.3cm), Mountain (2cm width). 

You can purchase the Coffee Cup Shoe Charm on its own. It is approximately 3cm tall. 

Please Note:

There is no fancy packaging for these. They will come neatly packaged in a small paper bag. Age recommendation is 3 years and older. These have only been tested so far on "Crocs branded" shoes, so I do not know if they will fit others. 

These also do require a little bit of elbow grease to push into the hole. To get them off I find pushing them out from inside the shoe the easiest and most effective way. DO NOT recommend pulling them out from the front because they could break. 

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