5 Ways to Use Animal Figurines.

5 Ways to Use Animal Figurines.

In our house animal figurines get played with daily. They are arguably my kids most played with toys. Here is 5 ways we play with them.

1. Sensory Play.

Animal figurines that aren't wooden, can be used in a variety of sensory bases and easily cleaned. Our favourite bases to use them with would be frozen water, Oobleck and our the lastest base we have tried, is jelly. Oh and how could I forget play dough!

2. Bath Toys.

My kids went through a phase of not liking the bath and would only have showers. When we first got our the Mini tube marine animals in stock I thought I would see if they would help entice them back to the bath and it did! The kids have been loving bath time ever since. Especially with the edition of the bath colour drops.

They can also be easily cleaned. I like to make it an activity and I put some warm water, and dish soap into a container, with a cloth. I then give my kids the task of giving their animals a bath. We then just leave them outside to dry in the sun. No more mould issues, with bath toys. 

3. Small World or Pretend Play.

The kids love creating little animals zoos, unicorn and dinosaur lands, etc. They pair really well with blocks, magnetic tiles or play silks for some small world play.

4. Bookish Play.

Do your kids have a favourite animal book? You can use them to help make reading time more interactive or help them recall the events of the story. Eg. Dear Zoo.

5. Put In Sensory Bottle. 

The mini tube animals are great additions to sensory bottles. 

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