Indoor Play Ideas

Indoor Play Ideas

We live in the Whitsundays. We are currently going into our third week of rain and generally during summer, it is simply to hot to play outside after 9:30am. So, I have learnt some things about indoor play.

Firstly, this blog is not about 'quiet' indoor activities. Colouring, play dough, board games, etc, are obviously great for indoors. However, sometimes kids need to burn off a bit more energy than that. 

Secondly, this blog is more catered to children or toddlers that are a bit older and can walk, run, jump, etc. Read the ideas anyway and alter them as need to suit your child and their ages/abilities/interests.

Thirdly, don't be afraid to join with these. At Little Explorers our aim is to encourage connection and engagement through play. 

My TOP 5 Indoor Play Activities:

1. Bean Bag Toss.

For this one you need a bucket, basket or container of some kind and bean bags. We use the $5 ones from Kmart. You can also just use balls of socks, small plastic balls, or whatever you can find that essentially does the same thing.

Get them to stand throwing distance away from the bucket (container) and see if they can throw it in. Gradually increase the distance away from the bucket and see how far back you can go.


2. Balloon Tennis

You don't necessarily have to play tennis, balloons in general are great! With ballon tennis, have 1 person stand on one side of something (like a couch or dinning room table) and the other person on the other side. Hit it back and forth like a game of tennis. Keep score if you want to but younger children will probably just enjoy the challenge.

Other games with a balloon:

- If your kids are Bluey fans, they might enjoy a game of Keepey Uppy. Where the balloon is not allowed to touch the ground.

- Blow the balloon up without tying it. Let it go and see if they can catch it.


3. Obstacle Course.

If you have room or a hallway, set them up an obstacle course. 

- You could use things like pillows that they have to jump over. Stack them higher to make it harder.

- Crawl through a tunnel or under the table.

- Frog jumps to the next marker or rolly pollies. 

- Floor is lava. Find something they might be able to use as stepping stones. Just be careful if its on tiles, some objects can be slippery. 

- Set up cups that they have to zig zag through.

Set up whatever you can think of, considering age and space. It doesn't matter if you have to alter it as you go to make it better or more challenging. They might even help you come up with ideas - Kids are great at coming up with games!


4. Animal Relay/Race

Have animal figurines placed a short running distance away. Stand at the opposite end to the animals. Ask them a question in relation to the animal you want them to bring back. Eg. Bring me an animal that has black spots... They could bring back a lady beetle or a cow. Alter the questions to make it harder or easier for them. For instance with my two year old I ask him questions like, 'Bring me an animal that goes moo,' 'Bring me an animal that swims', 'Bring me two animals'. 

Harder questions might focus on habitats, food, reptile or mammal, where they live in the world, etc. 


5. Dance Freeze Game

For those who have never played freeze. All you do is play music and they dance around/or be an animal. When the music stops they have to freeze. You can also play this game with musical instruments. 

Also, if you have never heard of Cosmic Kids Yoga, definitely search it on Youtube or do a little workout with them, Eg. Starjumps, squats, high knees x repeat. 

I hope these help a little. If you try any, I would love to see it. Tag us in your Instagram or Facebook stories or posts. @littleexplorerstoyshop

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