Meet The Maker Series with The Play Card Co

Meet The Maker Series with The Play Card Co

Hi, I am Zara!

Play enthusiast, grown-up sized child, mother of two small-humans and Primary School Teacher.
Play has always been important to me. From spending Saturday nights building LEGO to researching life sized garden DINOSAURS, I have always surrounded myself in fun. Since having children I realised how unusual that was,
and that play doesn’t always come naturally!
I am on a mission to share the joy and simplicity of play with the world, teaching families and educators how to use play to make their lives easier!
I cannot wait to have you along for the journey and give YOU the POWER to take some time back and have happy entertained children!
Zara xx


Zara has kindly, taken some time out of her busy life to answer some questions for Little Explorers. Enjoy!
Questions about the Biz >>>

What Inspired you to start The Play Card Co?

YOU! Well actually them? Actually, how do I say this right! The community from @zaras_play_tribe inspired me to create a simple and accessible resource to help families get more playful!

Favourite Pack & Why? I don't have favourites *cough* TABY *cough* ⁠

The different card decks aren't based on different ages but rather different developmental stages. (which I think is awesome). Why was that important to you? Every child is SO different and I don't think they should be pigeon holed based on their age. I want families to come to my store and feel proud of their child for everything wonderful they can do at that point in their lives!

Any hints as to what we can expect in the future from The Playcard? New product releases? We have a super charged 2022 planned, think new releases, new faces, new countries and a splash of a PLAY CARD tour!

What are 2 activities that your kids enjoy the most? Can I apologise for how simple these are? Their all time favourite things to do are water play, literally I just get a tub of water and they do the rest, and reading!


What's your cafe order? Macciato

Favourite Book? Charlottes Web for the nostalgia, Press Here by Herve Tullet for the fun and then Snail and The Whale for the cuddle time!

Biggest Life Lesson? Positivity is powerful!

Something you enjoy doing for yourself? Building LEGO the only problem is I don't like to share!

Your go-to dinner or dessert? We like to call it bits-and-pieces. The general gist is a giant cheese board.

Favourite block of chocolate? The gooey mint, oh I love it!

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