Things I have learnt about creating a play space...

Things I have learnt about creating a play space...

Let me just start by saying that I am a bit of a minimalist and that does influence my approach to things.

Also, I am not an expert. At the end of the day always do what works for you. Take from this what you need. 

Things I have learnt...

1. You do NOT need a playroom.

Play spaces can be successful without having a lot of space. Work with the space you have. 

- Start with a shelf that suits your space.
- No space for a shelf? Look at utlising the tv cabinet or try putting magnets on the fridge, A basket of cars under the coffee tablet, etc.
- Is there a corner that you could use?

Photo of our shelf in the lounge room. I like that it can be moved to different spots, within the space. 

2. Dont get it all at once.

Instagram and pinterest are great for Ideas but sometimes what we would like does not work in the space we have.

- Gradually get things.
- See how your kids use the space.
- Take your time.
- Let it evolve with your kids and how they play.


3. Less is more.

Minimise the clutter. Make things easy to see and easy to access = Less Mess + More play.

- Have toy collections grouped together. Eg. Cars are kept with cars, Blocks with blocks.
- Do not make your play space like your random junk drawer and too overwhelming.
- Personally, I would have 4-6 toy collections out but we also rotate toys. That might not be your thing and that's okay. 
Photo from Malinda. Insta account @love.alice.x

4. Make it a yes space.

These things can help with independent play because they reduce, their need and our need to interrupt the play.

- Only have out things you are happy for them to play with and happy to help them tidy up.
- Make things easily accessible for them.
- Try and think about things from their perspective.
Photo from Anna- Mum of two boys. Her insta account is @play.learn.flourish. Their play space is actually one half of their son’s room. 

5. How do you fit in the space?

Kids like playing near or around you. Sometimes having toys in a playroom or their room doesn't work because they want to know where you are.

- Have a couch, beanbag or playmat for you to sit on. A good play mat really encouraged us to sit on the floor with them and play.

If you a little bit more on the topic, Tiffany from Simplifying Childhood, has a podcast on Shopify which I feel compliments this topic really well. Click here. If the link doesn't work each for Simplifying Childhood and click on Toy Audit Podcast. 




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