Your October Play Inspiration

Your October Play Inspiration

This month play inspiration comes from Anna. She is a mum of two gorgeous boys and is also a primary school teacher. If you are on Instagram you might know  her as @play.learn.flourish

If you haven't checked her instagram or facebook out before, it is worth a look. What I love about her play ideas is that they are simple and fun. If you enjoy a good play room organisational hack (like I do) she shares them aswell. 

With these play ideas, I am not going to go into too much detail about things like motor skills, or any learning objectives. I believe if a child is playing they are learning what they need to learn. These play ideas also feature our most popular products the Wooden Hammer & Nails by Australian brand Let Them Play Toys.

So lets get stuck into it...

1. Just Add Ice

- Froze blue water in a plastic container.
-Added animals, spoons, scoops, bowls, hammer & nails.
You can add some more warm water onto the ice to help it melt quicker. 
If you are looking for a waterproof mat check out Rudie Nudie Designs.

2. Just Add Playdough

What You Need:

- Play Dough (click Here);
- Wooden Hammer & Nails (link above);
- Bowls.
Just let them explore and see what happens. 


3. Just Add a Box

What You Need:

- Cardboard Box
- Pen/Texta/crayon
-Wooden Hammer & Nails
- Pom Poms (optional). Could also use wooden coins, rings or peg people/leaves. Anything that could balance on top.

Draw some shapes onto a cardboard box. Use the wooden hammer to place the nails around the outline of the shape. 

I hope you found these helpful. If you do happen to give them a go and share on instagram please tag @play.learn.flourish on instagram and @littleexplorerstoyshop. We would love to see them.

Last but not least, if you are on instagram give Anna's account a follow. She is also one of our brand reps and you can use her discount code PLF10. 

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